McWoodian Trivia (continued)

  1. Allison met Diahann Carroll on her nineteenth birthday.

  2. When Allison was seven years old, she sat in Jim Henson's director's chair at the set of Fraggle Rock.

  3. In University, Allison accidentally started a boycott of a major corporation with one of her plays. Oops.

  4. When Allison was 17 she almost stopped writing because she was being tormented at school. She changed her mind when she received a letter from her favourite theatre actor who wrote: "You've got great talent. Don't stop writing." Thanks Peter Karrie!

  5. Allison's parents met in a Shakespeare class while studying Twelfth Night.

  6. When Allison was 17, she beat up a guy more than three times her size.

  7. Allison is a Pacifist. (#27 was in self-defense)

  8. Allison's favourite Greek god is Poseidon. In case you were wondering.

  9. Allison comes from a long line of storytellers, dating back more than 1000 years. Her father is Scottish and her mother was Irish

  10. Allison's grandmother was from Branahuie on The Isle of Lewis. They have really good monkfish.

  11. Allison's last name is MacIudh in Sixteenth Century Gaelic.

  12. Allison used to work for the police. No, she was not an undercover hooker.

  13. Allison inherited her sense of humour from her Grandpa Mac, who she never got to meet.

  14. Allison's first theatre review was written by a critic who didn't see the play.

  15. When she was in high school, Allison carried a picture of Christopher Marlowe around in her notebook. She thought he was cute.

  16. Allison is a Rock and Roll History buff, especially music from the 1950's. Ritchie Valens was her musical hero as a kid. He remains one her favourite musicians of all time.

  17. Allison feels most at home when she is near the ocean.

  18. Allison's favourite writer is PG Wodehouse.

  19. There was a medical emergency during one of Allison's shows. A man laughed so hard, he stopped breathing, turned blue and fell out of his seat. Don't worry. He's okay.

  20. Allison's two, worst childhood fears were mimes and spontaneous combustion.

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