McWoodian Trivia

  1. The "McWoods" are originally from the same hometown as Robert Burns. In fact, there were McWoods living in the town the same time that Robert Burns was growing up there.

  2. Allison has an ancestor who jumped in front of a charging bull to save a friend who was about to be executed unjustly.

  3. Allison wanted to be a librettist since she was four years old. When she was five, someone sat her down and explained that writing musicals is not a job and that she would have to think of something else to do.

  4. Allison's childhood, celebrity crush was the doctor from The Love Boat.

  5. In the Eleventh Grade, Allison went through a brief stint when she wanted to be a rapper

  6. Allison wants to meet Bono so they can talk about things of great importance.

  7. Allison is fond of Highland cows.

  8. Allison is a frog and lizard enthusiast.

  9. Allison enjoys photographing sheep. (don't ask)

  10. A friend of Allison's from University started a rumour around campus that she was Shakespeare in a previous life. Everyone believed it and she suddenly became very popular.

  11. In the Eleventh Grade, Allison started a rumour that her math teacher had romantic feelings for furniture. The rumour caught on.

  12. Allison's favourite fictious people are: The Phantom of the Opera and Bob Melnikov.

  13. Pippie Longstocking is the book that inspired Allison to be a writer.

  14. Brigadoon inspired Allison to write musicals.

  15. Allison was born the same autumn that U2 started.

  16. When Allison was a kid, she imagined that Johnny Cash lived in her closet. He scared the monsters away by hitting them on the head with his guitar.

  17. When Allison was a little girl, she named the willow tree outside her bedroom window Amanda.

  18. Allison had her first philosophical dilemma when she was three years old. She realized that three years is not a very long time.

  19. Allison's favourite movie is The Elephant Man.

  20. Allison loves fishing.

  21. Allison's mom was a huge fan of The Big Bopper. She used to sing Chantilly Lace to Allison when she was little. That is the first Rock and Roll song Allison ever remembers hearing and the song that made her fall in love with music.

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