West Side Phantom

When the Phantom of the Opera presents his brilliant score to Andre and Firman, he does not expect the rude reception he receives. Is not the theatre a civilized environment which is too enlightened to discriminate against people with facial deformities? Apparently not. Andre and Firman laugh the Phantom out of the Opera House, claiming his opera is only fit for the garbage. However, when Raoul, the pretty-boy patron finds the score in the trash can, he tells Andre and Firman that he wrote it and the opera is instantly chosen for the new season at the Paris Opera House. The Phantom finds out and a rumble ensues. Will the Phantom get the rights back for his work? Will he pulverize the patron to a pulp?

Combining parodies from The Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, and Annie Get Your Gun, this musical deals with hard-hitting issues such as plagiarism, theatre politics and the disgusting prejudice in our society against people who are different. It also has some cool songs.

No Phantoms were harmed in the writing of this radio play.


  • PHANTOM: A deformed genius
  • CHRISTINE: Phantom's girlfriend
  • CARLOTTA: The Diva
  • ANDRE: Owner of the Paris Opera House
  • FIRMAN: Owner of the Paris Opera House
  • RAOUL: The Patron
  • PIANGI: An opera singer