Phantom & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcape

From now on, The Phantom of the Opera is doing his own laundry. He made the mortal error of letting Christine Daae wash his cape, and when she failed to separate the colored load from the whites, the Phantom's cape turned into a repulsive mess of garish colors. How embarrassing. Unfourtunately, Carlotta, the bane of the Phantom's existence, thinks the cape is stylish and so the diva falls scandalously in love with the Phantom. The Phantom is left with no other choice but to remove his cape, which does not go over well with the Phantom's mom, who makes him wear the cape because it was a gift from his sainted aunt Maureen. When the Phantom does not return Carlotta's love, the diva plots revenge and the Phantom is forced to join the Witness Protection Program in order to escape the wiles of Carlotta. Meanwhile, Crouton, the Phantom's annoying sidekick, follows the Phantom around worshipfully, while the Phantom attempts to collect the money he has coming to him from Andre and Firman, the bumbling owners of the Paris Opera House.

The musical parodies songs from both The Phantom of the Opera and Joseph and the Amazing, Technicolor Dreamcoat, with additional parodies from Jesus Christ Superstar.


  • PHANTOM: A deformed genius
  • CHRISTINE: Phantom's girlfriend
  • CARLOTTA: The diva
  • ANDRE: Owner of the Paris Opera House
  • FIRMAN: Owner of the Paris Opera House
  • CROUTON: Phantom's irritating sidekick
  • MRS. OF-THE-OPERA: Phantom's mother