The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe Abridged

Let's face it. Renaissance Tragedy is a bit violent. With characters being hewed to pieces, boiling to death in bubbling cauldrons, drowning in vats of whiskey, being baked into pies and having burning pokers shoved up their butts, Renaissance characters do not have much chance for survival. Christopher Marlowe is one of the most demented playwrights of this depraved era. How would you like to be a character in one of his plays? Or what would happen if Marlowe's characters had a chance to meet each other? Would they rise up against their creator? This musical parody answers these very questions. Parodying songs from popular musicals such as:Les Miserables,Jesus Christ Superstar,New York, New York, Annie, Forever Plaid, and Sunset Boulevard, this zany take on Marlowe's work has been highly endorsed by Marlovian experts who know what they're talking about. Besides that, it's funny.


  • MACHIAVELLI: The narrator
  • TAMBURLAINE: A tyrant
  • King Edward II: King of England
  • Queen Isabella: Queen of England
  • Prince Edward III: Five year old prince
  • Faustus: Sold his soul for wisdom
  • Barabas: The Jew of Malta
  • Thomas Kyd: Marlowe's roommate