Single In Paris


What could be worse than being single in the most Romantic city in the world? Such is the fate of Parisian taxi driver, Benoit Garnier. Benoit has the heart of a poet and is passionate about the beautiful city of Paris. Yet as he drives dozens of lovers to so many Romantic destinations, it seems as though Paris is making fun of him for being alone. Emotionally wounded from a past relationship, Benoit wonders if he will ever be one of those enamored men, kissing a woman under a lamp post.

Love bludgeons Benoit over the head unexpectedly when he picks up an obnoxious, American woman from the airport. Courtney Stent is a mediocre fashion designer who comes to Paris with a preconceived contempt for the French. Never having been to Paris in her life, she assumes that everyone in France is rude and obnoxious. What she does not realize is how rude and obnoxious she is being as she verbally abuses her poor, good natured taxi driver.

Against both of their wills, Benoit and Courtney continue to cross paths. Benoit struggles with his feelings for Courtney, wondering how he can tell the difference between true love and revulsion. Why would he fall in love with someone who despises him? Courtney continues with her feeling of superiority until her ego is shattered at a fashion show. Young, inexperienced and unprepared, Courtney is humiliated in front of all the top designers.

Alone, rejected and oblivious to French culture, Courtney has no choice but to embrace the determined taxi driver, who she finds is the only friend she has in this strange place. From Benoit, Courtney learns of the true beauty of Paris; a city rich in culture, history and love.