Father Christmas


If Santa loves all kids the same, then why do the rich kids get all the best stuff?

Christmas is the hardest time of all for a kid with no dad. This is why Missy Overdale, a struggling, single mom, is determined to give her kids what they want for Christmas this year. Jonathon, (6) is a musical genius and Hope, (4) is as sweet as pie. So why shouldn't they get something nice like all the advantaged children? With all the best intentions, Missy has no idea how much chaos one simple, Christmas wish can cause.

After overhearing her kids ask Santa Claus for a daddy, Missy gets the idea to dress up as a man, and pretend to be a father figure for the holidays. Since she has been recently unemployed, (which she decides not to tell her kids right before Christmas) she pretends to be at work, while her fake love interest, Manfred Spooner, spends time with the children. Confident that her kids will eventually lose interest in Manfred, Missy plans to phase him out of their lives after Christmas, not anticipating any long-term problems.

The scheme is foiled when Jonathon and Hope fall in love with Manfred, who they do not realize is really their mother in disguise. This unforeseen complication results in a hilarious sequence of events in which Missy tries to cover up her lies and try desperately to be two people at once. The children are determined to make Manfred a permanent fixture in their family, while Missy sinks deeper and deeper into her own web of deceit.

When Missy's boss begs her to return to the diner to resume her job as a waitress during the Christmas rush, Missy realizes she is in over her head and that she needs to come clean somehow. However, before the end of her shift, she is smacked with a kind of deranged, Christmas miracle. A dashing man in the diner falls head over heels for Missy, who finds herself in a perfect, whirlwind romance with a millionaire named Manfred Spooner! With an immaculate, fairy tale ending right within her grasp, Missy faces a serious complication. How in the world is she going to introduce this man to the kids without admitting the sordid scheme she played on them?