What About the Bride?


Moira never was much of a wedding person. All she ever wanted was a simple, quaint wedding, outdoors, with a few of her closest friends. But when her dysfunctional family takes control of the wedding plans, the day of Moira's dreams turns into a nightmare.

The bridesmaids consist of an egomaniac, an anorexic and an existentialist. Then there is the unbalanced best man who tries to change the groom's mind. Moira's mother is much too eager to please people and the in-laws, who have flown in from a rural village in England, are making some unrealistic requests regarding dowry. Let us not forget the drunk and disorderly grandfather who threatens to crash the reception and the highly strung, French chef who is getting frustrated with all the last minute menu changes.

Moira's wedding is out of control. Would anyone notice if the bride ditched the wedding and ran off somewhere to get married in peace? Don't tell me you've never considered it.