The Understudy


Imagine the greatest actor who ever lived. He graces the stage with a commanding presence that makes all the ladies scream, weep and swoon. After every performance, the audience leaps to their feet and cheers wildly, chanting his name like a religious requiem. His face is on every marquee in the city. His doting fans would do anything to touch the hem of his costume as though it has healing properties. He is the 'golden calf' they have carved for themselves; as near to a god as a human being can get.

But this is a story about Larry.

Larry is an ordinary guy who must fill some extraordinary shoes. He is understudying an insanely popular theatre star, and the public is not taking kindly to him. Along the way, Larry falls in love with the unattainable leading lady and mentors an eager co-op student who is getting kicked around by the pretentious director. To complicate matters further, Larry's role is being rewritten daily by a neurotic playwright who talks to his own hand. The world of theatre, Larry finds, is just as artificial as the show itself.

And the plot thickens.

Our lovable understudy finds himself in some dark and unusual circumstances. A strange series of events leads him to believe that the unbalanced playwright is rewriting Larry's entire life. Everyone thinks the stress of understudying a theatre legend is causing Larry to lose his mind. Is Larry imagining this? Could it be a prank? Or is the odd writer obsessed with Larry and finding a creative way to control him?

You'll have to wait until the final act to find out.