An opal changes colour in the light. It is a symbol of things not being as they appear.

Two, unlikely worlds collide when a struggling waitress steals a mysterious, opal ring.

Frankie waits tables at a posh restaurant, longing to be a part of the upper crust world which looks upon servants with disdain. Having nothing nice of her own, Frankie steals a beautiful, opal ring, carelessly left behind by a wealthy customer. After swiping the precious trinket, Frankie has an inexplicable run of bad luck.

A series of bizarre events lead Frankie to an upscale yacht club. Here she meets Brentwood, a dashing, young millionaire who mistakes Frankie for a wealthy heiress. Eager to impress him, Frankie finds herself sinking deeper and deeper into an impossible pit of lies. Ironically, Brentwood is charmed by Frankie's authentic personality and is ready to leave his girlfriend to pursue a relationship with her.

However, things are not as they appear.

Frankie is unaware of the superstition surrounding the opal: it is bad luck to wear an opal if it is not your birthstone. But superstition has nothing to do with Frankie's problem. Her bad luck began with the deceitful act of stealing the opal. Ever since that moment, she has needed to lie, manipulate and deceive the people she cares about in order to save face. She is now trapped in an endless chain of unfortunate events.

After losing Brentwood, her job, friends, apartment and dignity, Frankie exhausts the only option she has left: being herself. In so doing, Frankie experiences a reversal of luck. As she undoes the lies one by one, her life begins to slowly fall back into place.

...And when the opal finds itself on another dishonest hand, it is anybody's guess what will happen next.