Office Quirks


Clarissa is pushing 30 and still single.

Determined to thrive independently in the world of business, Clarissa thinks love is an impossible ideal, intended only for subordinate women. Stinging from a past relationship, Clarissa has a very septic attitude towards men.

Stuck at a desk between the office womanizer and a compulsive liar who has been playing mind games with her since junior high school, Clarissa becomes obsessed with achieving success, despite the office being drenched in testosterone. She has been pegged with the nickname Fifi, which she woefully accepts as part of the fate imposed on her by the morally ambiguous Office Gods.

When Clarissa is unexpectedly reunited with her one true love, she rethinks her entire philosophy on relationships. He makes her feel like she is 18 years old again. But can Clarissa trust the same guy who caused her irrational paranoia of all things male? She ultimately finds herself led down the same path of disappointment in both her love life and her career.

Despite Clarissa's refusal to pursue love, love indeed pursues Clarissa. What she once thought as futile has been right under her nose the whole time. Can Clarissa find love, succeed in business and still remember how to be a woman? And can she do all this before she turns 30?