Norm's Dorm


It all started as a computer error in the University's registrar's office. Norm Middleton, an oafish guy on a football scholarship is bewildered when he arrives at his dorm room. He has been randomly placed in the Fine Arts Residence. His roommate, a verbose mime. The guy next door, a compost sculptor. The halls are peppered with creepy ventriloquists, Neo Pagan dancers and morbid devotees of Edgar Allan Poe. Norm has never seen so many misfits in one building.

With time, a revelation drops on Norm like a sack of dead pigeons. While struggling to fit in among all the freaks in the Fine Arts Residence, Norm wraps his brain around the fact that he is the outcast. The freakish artists look upon him with disdain. All that is, except the mime who makes several sarcastic attempts to find some common ground with Norm, regardless of his personal prejudice against unrefined jocks. Norm finds mimes annoying, especially this one.

Norm is mesmerized by an elusive girl upstairs who composes opera. She is way out of Norm's league, but she somehow seduces the athlete into the World of Art, offering him a new perspective on his eccentric dorm mates.

This high energy campus comedy brings a pair of unlikely roommates together who are sentenced to a lifetime of friendship, whether they like it or not. Anyone who has ever felt like a misfit or tortured a misfit during their life journey will identify with this story of friends, freaks and the friction between the two.