Mad Tidings

If Gladys Squinty can't enjoy Christmas, then nobody is going to.

Welcome inside the mind of a sociopath at Christmastime. Meet Gladys, a 99-year-old curmudgeon with no conscience. Gladys lives in a dreary house with no company other than that of her pet vulture. As far as Gladys is concerned, the world would be a better place if she was the only person in it.

So you can understand why Gladys wants nothing to do with Christmas. She finds it morally repugnant. The whole thing is a violation of her rights. What if Gladys doesn't want to socialize? What if festive cookies give her cramps? What if giving makes no sense to her when her instincts tell her to take from people? What if Santa offends her and carols make her ears bleed? What if she is angered by fiber optic shepherds? With all the love, joy and peace spreading around like a pandemic of toxic spores, what's a sociopath supposed to do to defend herself?

With Christmas, comes a bumper crop of joy... or what Gladys calls, nausea of the soul. Thinking the whole joyous season is a direct attempt at making her miserable, Gladys plots revenge against Christmas... and Christmas fights back.

Every attempt Gladys makes at ruining Christmas backfires. The more wrath she pours out on the community, the more everyone feels sorry for her. Compassion is spraying everywhere like a defective fire hydrant which is really getting on Gladys' nerves. Nobody seems to believe that a 99-year-old woman could be capable of being evil...

...until she breaks the heart of four-year-old Clemmy Gleemer.

Clemmy's father notices a pattern in Gladys' behavior and has reason to believe that Gladys has no conscience. He figures out that happiness, charity and acts of compassion deeply disturb Gladys. He comes up with a revenge plot of his own. He plans to sabotage Gladys with kindness and good will... every sociopath's greatest nightmare.