Like A Brother


What could be more awkward for a teenage boy than having his dad marry his girlfriend's mom? Keegan Archer wants to crawl in a hole and die when he finds himself suddenly related to his high school sweetheart, after the whirlwind courtship of their impulsive parents. His new mom being a religious freak does not improve matters as Keegan makes futile attempts to squelch the unnatural urges he has for his sister.

Grappling with what is left of the already fragile relationship they have with their parents, Keegan and his girlfriend cum sister face a new level of weirdness at school. Now sharing the same last name, their humiliating family situation becomes everyone's business. A brawny thug keeps a lecherous eye on the vulnerable sister-figure. Clearly, Keegan will have to thump the guy if he tries anything funny on his girl... that is to say, sister.

In the throes of the hasty marriage, the parents discover they have created more of a mess than a family. Since the mother's religious convictions forbid divorce, the mortified teens must figure out how to interpret their unquenchable affections for each other, no matter how gross it is to be in love with your sibling.

Taking a unique spin on the already complicated relationship between teens and their parents, this quirky comedy will appeal to anyone who has ever felt awkward, struggled to identify with a parent or God forbid, fallen in love with an immediate family member.

No amount of therapy can fix this dysfunctional family, not even with the intervention of an unorthodox priest.