Inappropriate Conduct


A popular, Shakespeare professor takes pity on a socially awkward girl in his class... Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

When Dot is in your life, there can be nobody else.

Professor Thomas Renfrew melts into a puddle of compassion when Dot Foot walks into his lecture hall. She really is a pathetic sight, with no sense of style and virtually no social graces. Clearly, this girl has no friends and makes everyone around her feel uncomfortable. Thomas is certain that with a little encouragement, Dot will gain the confidence she needs to succeed. He offers her extra help and more support than anyone has ever given her.

But Dot has a slippery grip on reality.

Since nobody has ever been nice to her before, Dot misunderstands the professor's kind gestures and thinks they are in a relationship. With no concept of boundaries, she worms her way into every aspect of Thomas' life, imposing on him in every possible way. Suspicions are aroused among the University faculty that something inappropriate might be going on between the professor and the under-aged student.

When Thomas pursues a relationship with a fellow professor, Dot becomes obsessed with him and is determined to drive the rival woman out of the picture. By now, Thomas is unnerved as he realizes he is being stalked. Dot has consumed his entire life and is becoming increasingly difficult to shake off.

With rumors circulating around the school and Dot insisting that she is carrying Thomas' baby, the well-meaning professor finds his life spiraling out of control.

Who knew that such a quiet girl could cause such a disturbance?