The Recluse


Someone is playing games with Lydia's mind. Moving to a remote cabin on a quiet lake seemed like a good idea. She hates the obnoxious, crowded city with its disconnected people living separate lives. With her husband traveling frequently for work, Lydia was anticipating privacy and solitude to fuel her creativity. Never before has Lydia been so wrong.

Across the lake lives an elusive, old man who watches Lydia obsessively. Once Lydia's husband has left for an extended business trip, she notices the old recluse following her, staring and eventually tormenting her in the cabin. Perhaps being alone is overrated...maybe even dangerous.

A quirky lady named Betsy restores a boarded up cabin next door to Lydia and the ladies take to each other. They keep one another sane by keeping company and together they stave off the weird, old recluse. By now, he has become even more obsessed and torments Lydia relentlessly.

Being alone and disconnected from other people can cause a person to descend into madness...

...Which is what happened to Lydia.

When her husband returns from his trip, he is horrified to find Lydia in a state of hysteria. A kind old man from across the lake is desperately trying to help her. He has been keeping his eye on her, worried there might be something wrong. The strange girl talks to herself and has a breakdown every time he comes over to offer help.

Lydia screams out to Betsy and her husband assures her there is nobody there. Betsy is not real. Nothing is real. Isolation made Lydia snap and she is now a victim of her own mind.