The Angel Who Slept Through Christmas


Hark! Where is Harold Angel?

Just when you thought you had the Nativity Story memorized, along comes a hilarious spin on the first Christmas in history. This time, the story is told from the perspective of Harold, an easily excitable angel who...wait for it...sleeps through Christmas! Has he let the entire world down? Can he be replaced by an understudy? Was that his only chance to fulfill his true purpose? Has he altered history as we know it? Keep reading.

Christ's birth creates an uncanny connection of quirky characters who all find themselves in Bethlehem for different reasons: bickering Magi on a long road trip, weary travelers in town for the census, shepherds who are bored out of their minds and an Irish rock band. (Just go with it)

Chaos ensues when the Star of Bethlehem inexplicably falls out of the sky, leaving the surrounding area in complete darkness. Harold, who had been moping around Heaven, feeling sorry for himself, finds the star and holds it up in the sky, bringing everyone together and lighting their way. Funny how things work out.

So Harold did not ruin Christmas after all. Instead, he discovers his true purpose as well as the true meaning of Christmas. Even if you are not the star of the show, you can be a light to others.