More Equal


Unions are fair. Everyone is equal. People have rights.

Then came the bureaucrats.

A recent, Oxford graduate finds herself in a thankless job, surrounded by paranoid senior workers who can not see past what they can grab. The union members are obsessed with protecting their own rights, which in turn, violates the rights of everyone else. To complicate things further, anyone who disagrees with the system somehow disappears from the building. How unfortunate that this corrupted union, thanks to the shady bureaucrats upstairs, is that of the Police Force.

The overqualified, Oxford graduate would get along fine if she would just swallow her integrity. But she is revolted by the disturbing goings-on and can not pretend not to notice. She connects with an officer via police radio, who is enamored by her friendly voice. The officer seems comparatively normal and sincere, but can she trust the officer enough to confide in him her discovery of where the missing people are disappearing?

The secret to this hellish union can be found behind the elusive, red door that nobody is allowed to talk about. The synopsis ends here. I have said too much.