Matt Atwater is in Retail Hell.

Would you sell your soul for minimum wage?

Imagine being a struggling acting student with no family to speak of. Your future holds promise. You have a cunning mind and an entertaining sense of irony. The only thing standing between you and your dream is a demeaning job in a retail bookstore. The customers are impossible, the company policies are obnoxious and your boss bears an uncanny resemblance to Satan. This is the plight of our protagonist.

So here's the thing. Matt is broke and has no choice but to live in filth above Harry Guido's Pizzeria. Starving and sleep deprived, he tries to achieve his Thespian dream, one transaction at a time. But how is he supposed to do this when his only ally finks on him while ascending the corporate ladder and a vindictive, rich brat sleeps her way into promotions she doesn't deserve? Typical, isn't it?

It's just a job, right? We all need money. Is it wrong to look the other way when someone is being abused or taken advantage of? There is no need to take retail so personally, is there?

Face it, we've all had pathetic jobs. We've all had bosses who may or may not be minions of Satan. Every single one of us have fallen victim to policies and procedures that make no logical sense and have answered to corporate headquarters who have no idea what is going on. Follow Matt on his journey, as he unwittingly leads his disgruntled co-workers into a revolution of semi-epic proportions.

And you thought your boss was evil.