The Second Wife


Troya seems like the perfect wife. Too bad she's a sociopath.

Socially inept professor, Vic Timothy is not exactly known for his good judgment. When his doting wife, Liv dies suddenly, he rushes into a second marriage with a strange woman, dreading the idea of being alone.

But he is not alone.

Liv's ghost has not left the house. She is determined to take care of her family, even from beyond the grave. She does not approve of the new match and decides to do some housekeeping. First on her to-do list: Get rid of the new woman.

Alack, Troya has no plans of leaving, but plans to play games with Vic and the lives of his two daughters. It doesn't help matters that Vic thinks he is suffering from psychosis. With a living wife manipulating him and a dead wife who refuses to leave, who wouldn't think he was losing his mind?

Vic pays little mind to his daughters who are extremely dismayed by the passing of their mother. He never did have any idea of how to connect with them and Troya takes advantage of this chink in the family armor. Celeste craves a mother figure while Astrid resents the new woman as well as her pathetic father who brought the whore into their home. Ultimately, Troya manipulates the girls into turning against each other, while she plays the part of the perfect wife and mother.

As far as the ghost is concerned, the whole thing is nothing more than a parody of a family. Even the dog has suspicions.

As awkward and fragile as Vic is, can he possibly protect his family from the evil gold digger before it is too late? Maybe with a little help from The Beyond.