Brain Cramp


"Daddy, did you forget to love me?"

Ned Strathclyde loves his wife and four year old son. He just doesn't remember why. After a sudden onset of amnesia, all the personal details of Ned's life have been erased from his brain.

But what about his heart?

Photographs mean nothing to him. Personal objects, his job, even his house spark no memory whatsoever. His wife is a stranger, but there is something about the way she looks at Ned that evokes some very familiar emotions. Ned is oddly intrigued by the pensive, little boy who looks exactly like him. More intriguing still, is the fact he seems to know exactly who Ned is.

It is love at first sight. But can Ned jump right back into his life with no memories to base his relationship on?

Marty Barkus does not make things any easier. Ned's curmudgeonly next door neighbour has a lingering grudge against Ned for not returning his gardening tools. Marty, it seems, has a kind of bent sense of humour. As Ned struggles to recall fragments of his forgotten past, Marty feeds him false information about his life, confusing matters further.

After a series of humiliating incidents, Ned manages to trace the steps of his past and re-live the most meaningful moments of his life. In so doing, Ned finds a way to understand the feelings he has for the beautiful stranger who calls herself Ned's wife. But it is the relentless faith of his little boy that inspires Ned to rediscover himself and his sense of purpose.

Whatever obstacles he faces, even when his brain betrays him, Ned grasps the one thing that can never truly be forgotten; the feeling of love and connectedness of family.