The Angel Who Slept Through Christmas

A little angel named Harold can hardly wait for Christmas! Harold has been chosen to sing a solo on the very first Christmas ever! What an honour for a little angel to welcome Baby Jesus to Earth! Harold has been preparing for hundreds of years, and now the big night is approaching. He is so excited, he can hardly stand it, so his angel friends suggest he take a nap. When Harold's alarm clock does not go off, he awakens to find he slept through the entire celebration! What's an angel to do? Harold is so upset, he does not think he will ever get over the disappointment. He thinks he has no purpose. But God has different plans for Harold.


  • Harold: An angel
  • Maestro: An angel
  • Gabe: An angel
  • Abe: An angel
  • Vladimir: An angel
  • Shepherd #1:
  • Shepherd #2:
  • Shepherd #3:
  • King #1:
  • King #2:
  • King #3:
  • Mary: Mother of Jesus
  • Joseph: Father of Jesus
  • Sheep (Optional):