The Embarrassing Life of King Ficklefred

Nothing ever goes right for King Ficklefred. His daughter is in love with a court jester who is not funny. He has two, tone-deaf minstrels with no sense of rhythm. His knights are afraid of dragons and his loyal subjects throw rotten tomatoes at him. No kingdom is perfect, but King Ficklefred's kingdom is just plain embarrassing! To make matters worse, William Shakespeare shows up and wants to write a play about King Ficklefred! The king has only five minutes to make his kingdom perfect! Can he do it? This interactive play for children explores the issue of being yourself. Wildly funny and propelled with energy, the zany characters in this play will sweep you up in a whirlwind of laughter from beginning to end.


  • PRINCESS BUNNYHOP: Ficklefred's daughter
  • FOO FOO: The "hilarious" court jester
  • GEORGE: A tone-deaf minstrel
  • IRA: A tone-deaf minstrel
  • PLAID KNIGHT: A Knight of the Picnic Table
  • POLKA-DOTTED KNIGHT: A Knight of the Picnic Table
  • PINK KNIGHT: A Knight of the Picnic Table
  • SATURDAY KNIGHT: A Knight of the Picnic Table
  • SHAKESPEARE: A playwright
  • FICKLEFRED'S "LOYAL" SUBJECTS: Note: There are 8 Subjects in the script, however, the number can be altered according to how many actors there are. Lines are interchangeable. Subjects can also provide sound effects from backstage.