Margo The Nut Lady

Join Margo and her adorable puppy, Herman in this whimsical, interactive play for children. Margo has an unhealthy obsession with her extravagant nut collection. Meanwhile, Margo's puppy follows worshipfully wherever she goes, regardless of Margo's many bizarre vices. Through a series of weird adventures, Margo learns a valuable lesson about the value of friendship above material possessions. The play is based on a children's book by Allison McWood and in no time at all, was scooped up by a children's singer and written into a song, soon to be recorded. Examining the themes of greed and selfishness, Margo the Nut Lady is an uproarious adventure for the entire family.


  • Melvin: A Minstrel
  • Margo: A Weird Lady
  • Herman: Margo's Puppy
  • Antonio Guillermo Juan Don Sanchez: A Man from Madrid
  • Offstage Voices: Grocer, Kids in the Park, Curator