The Monkeys Are Coming

Sasha Knox did not think his eccentric professor was more than he could handle. Sure, she has an unorthodox style of teaching. True, she performs strange, cleansing rituals, talks to the man in the tree, makes people mysteriously disappear and thinks invisible monkeys are following her. Everyone in the class agrees, on some level, that their teacher is a little off balance and each has a way of dealing with her. A loud, Scottish student finds sanctuary in an imaginary place inside his mind. A tough, gothic type, clad in metal-toed boots and spiked dog collar, uses her sarcasm to ward off the professor. A boofy-headed blond uses her mall discount to woo the professor into loosening the noose. Sasha, however, seems to be lacking a defence mechanism. But as long as Professor Rabies only has power over Sasha within the four walls of the classroom, Sasha has the situation under control, right? Right?

The professor's iron grip of mind manipulation exceeds the walls of the classroom as she worms her way into Sasha's life. She's everywhere; following Sasha around campus and on his dates. She even follows him to his home. After Professor Rabies begins sending Sasha hate mail, sabotages his e-mail account and programs herself into his computer, Sasha realizes that something fishy is going on. His only option is to report her to the University. Who will the Dean believe? A meagre student or a professor with tenure?


  • SASHA KNOX: a playwriting student
  • HECATE RABIES: a playwriting professor
  • JUNIPER SKY: a playwriting student
  • DERMOTT MACHAMISH: a Scottish playwriting student
  • GABBY PUCKER: a playwriting student
  • CHAD GOATLEY: a playwriting student
  • DEAN BISCUIT: the dean of a university
  • PRIEST: Sasha's mentor