Ben Who?

Imogen Datt, an aspiring biographer, is in for the challenge of her life. Her very first subject is an arrogant pharmacist named Benedetto Smitherini. Benedetto claims to be a genius who has been aware since the day he was born that he is superior to everyone else in the world. His life story is unbelievable. He claims that he lost his memory and intelligence from a severe head trauma he sustained as a child. He also claims he was beaten by his savage father, raped by his depraved aunt, burned alive by his maniacal grandfather, and that an unseen enemy is out to destroy him.

The only problem is, Benedetto's stories contradict each other. Nothing makes any sense and no events are in any sequential order. Overwhelmed, Imogen seeks advice from a wise librarian and two writer-mentors she meets in a coffee shop. Everyone advises her to discontinue the project, but Imogen is reluctant because she is eager to see her name in print and to receive the ten thousand dollar fee Benedetto promised to pay her.

As the story unfolds, Imogen discovers that she has spent six months working full time, writing the biography of a pathological liar. Benedetto has invented his own truth and ultimately can no longer distinguish the difference between truth and lies. This not only causes Benedetto to disintegrate in his own fabrications, it also causes deep wounds for everyone he encounters.


  • BENEDETTO SMITHERINI: A pathological liar
  • IMOGEN DATT: Benedetto's biographer
  • PAULA SMITH: Imogen's friend
  • MOWAT WRIGHT: A writer
  • BERTON STYLO: A writer