I Don't

A wedding is supposed to be the most important day in a woman's life. How much of this notion is true and how much is based on social pressures, appearances, capitalism and even Medieval traditions of oppression? I Don't traces the journey of Moira, a horrified bride-to-be, from her engagement right up to the moments before her wedding ceremony. She is bombarded with obstacles, such as her meddlesome mother, an unruly best man, and a father-in-law who will not accept Moira into the family without a dowry of cattle. The bridesmaids include an extravagant control freak, an absentee, an anorexic and an existentialist, none of whom make the ordeal any easier for Moira. In an attempt to make the day her own, the bride inadvertently discovers the true meaning of marriage and commitment. The groom simultaneously learns the same thing from a male perspective.


  • MOIRA DAY: The bride
  • TALBOT MORROW: The groom
  • DOLA DAY: Mother of the bride
  • CLEO: Maid of Honour
  • ELIZ: Bridesmaid
  • GUINEVERE: Bridesmaid
  • FRIDAY: Best Man