A bookstore. A smiling salesclerk. A capitalist nightmare.

Ever wonder what underhanded evil-doings pull the puppet strings of the retail empire? What do they actually do to those perky salespeople to make them smile like that? Are those blinding, fluorescent lights hiding a dark secret? Matt Atwater, an unassuming student, has been sucked into the foreboding world of retail in order to put himself through school. Along with a passive environmentalist and a goldfish-loving optimist, Matt is eaten alive by the power-mongering managers of a seemingly pleasant bookstore. Laced with images of hell, the play explores the Machiavellian means in which society achieves power. But let's face it, power is absurdly overrated.


  • MATT: Employee and actor
  • ORCHID: Employee and grad student
  • GORDON: Employee
  • NESS: Cashier
  • CHRISTINE: Employee and storyteller
  • LOU: Store Manager
  • TISHY: Becomes operations manager
  • STICKS: Becomes product manager
  • VIRGIL/TOILET VOICE: Former manager/Dead fish
  • LARGE MAN/MAN: President of the company/customer
  • MR. EX/IMPATIENT: Board man/customer
  • MR. WHY/WOMAN: Board man/customer
  • MR. ZED/SOME GUY: Board man/customer
  • OLD LADY/TEENAGER: Customers