Fifi Sandcastle is a typical twenty-nine year old, working in a typical office. She is surrounded by typical men who think of her as nothing but a giant, walking uterus, pursuing futile dreams. Fifi does not believe her dreams are futile. In fact, her current account with Maygrover Enterprises has her taking her job very seriously. Fifi has pretty much given up on men, claiming they are all a bunch of Neanderthals, but she is perpetually haunted by memories of her charming ex-boyfriend with great hair. Much to Fifi's shock, her smooth-talking ex re-appears in her life and creates a series of questions as to what direction this business-driven woman will take before she turns thirty.

Meanwhile, Fifi is surrounded by mayhem in her office. She has an overbearing and completely incompetent boss who plans to outsource the entire department in order to create less work for himself. Her desk is sandwiched between a womanizing pervert and a compulsive lying kleptomaniac who has been infatuated with Fifi since the sixth grade. Then there is the meddlesome receptionist who annoys everyone with her ramblings of her perfect marriage and family. The powerful executive assistant to the CEO also has some warped ideas as to what the role of women really is in the business world. With all this chaos, how exactly is Fifi supposed to pursue a successful career and still remember how to be a woman?


  • FIFI SANDCASTLE: An office clerk
  • NIGEL INKSPLOTCH: An office clerk/kleptomaniac and compulsive liar
  • JOHN GRUNT: An office clerk/sexist womanizer
  • IDA DUNNIT: The secretary
  • ROBIN SLICK: Fifi's ex-boyfriend
  • FONDA YOO: Robin's girlfriend
  • GUS: A security guard