Because I Can

Dr. Mendax has just given Shylie six months to live. In fact, he gives all his patients six months to live...and they obey him. Floyd, an insecure, male nurse thinks Mendax has acheived god-status. But an elusive, Romanian janitor seems to be the only one who knows the truth. It's a shame nobody can understand the janitor's accent, especially since he is the only one who can save Shylie's life.

Wrapped in a beautiful mess of farcical escapades and mistaken identities, Because I Can explores the theme of Conscience. What is conscience? Who has one? Or more importantly, who doesn't?


  • DR. MENDAX: a sociopathic doctor
  • SHYLIE: a young woman
  • FLOYD: an insecure, male nurse
  • BOGDAN: a Romanian janitor