Understudying Wilk Scheissenberger

Understudying Wilk Scheissenberger is a backstage comedy detailing the life of Larry Duzzibedder. Larry is an unknown actor who has been chosen to understudy Broadway legend, Wilk Scheissenberger. Between dealing with the eccentricities of his colleagues, falling in love with the leading lady and being ferociously attacked by irate patrons, Larry must learn where he belongs in a world in which everything is artificial. When strange and frightening things begin to happen, Larry discovers that his life is being re-written by Monty Quillflinger, a neurotic playwright who talks to his hand. While everyone thinks Larry is simply being paranoid, Larry is aware that Monty's new plot cold put Larry's life in grave danger. Combining elements of farce and surrealism, Understudying Wilk Scheissenberger uncovers the artificiality and politics of the theatre. It is a story of survival and self-discovery, interlaced with dark humour.


  • LARRY DUZZIBEDDER: An understudy
  • EDWARD ONWARD: A director
  • ERNEST HATCH: An eager co-op student
  • ANJOU CANARYBEAK: An actress
  • WILK SCHEISSENBERGER: A Broadway legend
  • DRESSER #1/WOMAN #1:
  • DRESSER #2/WOMAN #2: