Norm's Dorm

Norm Middleton got more than he registered for when he applied to University. As a result of a computer error, this hulking, testosterone-driven football player is accidentally enrolled in a poetry program and placed in the Fine Arts Residence with a verbose mime as a roommate. Next door is a emotionally ill-equipped artist who sculpts compost. On the other side, a jazz musician and an opera singer attempt to drown each other out. Upstairs is a high-strung actress who screams out random lines from popular films, along with a foreboding composer who has a creepy insight into Norm's soul. Surrounded by freaks, Norm discovers along the way, that he is the outsider.


  • NORM: A football player
  • EPIPHANY: An opera composer
  • ART: A sculptor
  • AURA: An actress
  • WOLFGANG: An opera singer
  • OTTO: A jazz musician
  • BLAKE: Norm's best friend
  • BROOKE: Norm's girlfriend
  • BERT: Jock/Mime #1
  • BRETT: Jock/Mime #2
  • BROCK: Jock/Mime #3
  • BRAD: Jock/Mime #4
  • WHAT'S-HIS-FACE: Some guy