Auntie Francis and her Henchmen

A family is broken apart when an alcoholic aunt indulges in power and lust for wealth. Auntie Francis has just inherited more money than a human being can spend in three lifetimes. She attempts to use this new wealth in order to manipulate her family into submitting to her control. Although many members of the family fall victim to her ploy, Francis's niece, Petra seems to be the only one who recognizes that Francis has a disease which is slowly killing her. Auntie Francis and her Henchmen deals with the serious issue of alcoholism in a farcical way. Not only does the play demonstrate the destructive effect alcoholism can have on a family, it digs deeper, suggesting how the problem originates, and ultimately suggests how to deal with this sort of controversial situation.


  • FRANCIS: An alcoholic
  • PETRA: Her niece
  • ANGELA: Petra's mother
  • BERNARD: Petra's brother
  • CLAY: A distant cousin
  • LEGION: An entity
  • MAMMON: An entity