George, George & George

What happens when three guys named George stand around, puffing on cigars, talking about how ridiculously important their lives are? The whole world falls apart behind their backs! While the Georges piddle their day away, three children are playing behind them in a sandbox. Mikey, a diabolical five-year-old, has plans to take over the world. Who's kid is this? And is he a real threat to the civilized world as we know it? As far as the three guys named George are concerned, nothing is more dire than their pointless conversation about poodles, BMW's and things that need to be perforated.


  • GEORGE #1: A guy
  • GEORGE #2: Another guy
  • GEORGE #3: Yet another guy
  • MIKEY: A diabolical, five-year-old
  • GERTIE: A little girl
  • TIMMY: A complex, little boy