Bentley Burnout

Bentley Burnout thinks he is a car. Sound crazy? Considering the absurd world in which he lives, Bentley should fit in quite nicely. His psychiatrist, from whom Bentley seeks counsel, tries to convince Bentley to drive off a cliff. Bentley's ex-fiance shows up with some arbitrary rantings regarding relationships and triangular-shaped shoes. Meanwhile, a philosophy professor with a foot fetish, believes he can teach people how to think.

Regardless of the insanity around him, Bentley is set on convincing everyone that he is indeed, the crazy one. After all, society does not accept a man who thinks he is a car. Where does Bentley fit in? Is he a lunatic, or is he in fact, the only normal one?


  • BENTLEY BURNOUT: A psychiatric patient
  • SHRINK: Bentley's psychiatrist
  • MILDRED HONEYSUCKLE: Psychiatrist's Secretary