Be Kind To Mimes

'I've tried to avoid you, but like a rat flea, you've spread your plague.'

'A baffling oddity. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from doing everything I do. It's profane'

All Clyde wants is to go about his day without being accosted by a mime. Being a conservative man, he enjoys reading a newspaper at his leisure, in the park. His life is about to change when a mime discovers Clyde on a park bench and mimics Clyde's every move. At first, Clyde is annoyed, but soon discovers that the mime is in distress and has chosen Clyde to come to his aid. The mime indicates, through theatrical movement and the passing of notes, that he is aware the whole world despises him for being a mime and that he fears for his life. The mime has forgotten how to speak and can not remember his name. All he knows how to do is mimic the actions of others.

Clyde takes pity on the mime and brings him home to keep him as a pet. Six months earlier, Clyde's dog ran away, leaving Clyde lonely and in need of someone to care for and tame. The mime naively goes back to Clyde's apartment, thinking he will be seeking refuge from the intolerant people outside. After a series of bizarre events, the mime eventually realizes he will will not be allowed to leave Clyde's apartment, regardless of his desperate efforts. Clyde thinks he is the more civilized of the two, yet his actions are barbaric. He makes the mime sit on the floor, play fetch, eat dog food and sleep in a cage. The mime's incessant desire to please others and to do what is expected of him, makes him reluctantly go along with Clyde's tyrannical rule. In Clyde's demented mind, the mime actually becomes a dog. The mime, who does not remember who he once was, is manipulated into playing the part of Clyde's long lost pet.

'A dead mime is much more irritating than a live one.'

'My apartment has become freakishly empty since my friend mysteriously disappeared. Gets lonely at times. Sure, I have a closet full of suits, but they aren't much for conversation. Don't ask me how I know that.'

'If anyone sees you in public, you might end up being a puddle of mime juice.'


  • CLYDE: A conservative man
  • MIME: A mime