Shakespeare's Brain

If only Shakespeare could see what we have done to his plays. Wait a minute! What if he can?

Shakespeare and Darwin are playing checkers in Purgatory. Little does Shakespeare know, but two, obsessed professors of Literature have secured Shakespeare's brain in a jar. Unbeknownst to the bard, the professors argue whether the brain should be dissected or preserved and worshipped. During an intellectual brawl, the brain is severed in half and Shakespeare is left with no choice but to return to Earth to reclaim his brain. When he arrives, Shakespeare accidentally wanders into a lecture hall where a Shakespeare lecture is in progress.


  • SHAKESPEARE: A playwright in Purgatory
  • DARWIN: A scientist in Purgatory
  • PROFESSOR BLATHER: A professor of English
  • PROFESSOR SMOG: A professor of English

Production Photos

Andrea Lyons, Kevin Risk
Photo by: Duncan McAllister