The Lyfsux Theatre

Let's hear it for Canadian Theatre! ...A place where comedy is profane, optimism is confusing and hope is a faux pas. Does this attitude exist only in Canadian Theatre, or does it reflect largely the attitude of the world around us? Is laughter a mere distraction from death or is it a medicine for the soul? The Lyfsux Theatre traces the journey of a Canadian actor named Lazarus. He finds himself in an apprenticeship at a warped theatre company in which people talk to walls and bask in dark issues, such as death an incest. There is no communication within the company, the plays are a very poor quality, and everyone seems to be happy only when they are miserable. Lazarus intends to find a way out of this paradoxical world...but is it possible?


  • LAZARUS: A Canadian actor
  • MORT: Producer of The Lyfsux Theatre
  • ENIGMA: An actress
  • SARDIS: An actor