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Also available at: Author's Choice Publishing Group

Written by: Allison McWood

Illustrated by: Patrick Staheli

ISBN: 0973784806


"While skin colour is something we are born with, our attitudes to the colour is not. Sadly, racism is taught to us by our surroundings and those around us at the earliest of ages. So a simple answer is to surround kids as soon as possible with messages that tell the truth about racism. Scribble Guys has done it! What a great resource to help little minds understand that every colour is a beautiful gift and that we are all "scribbled from the same wax!" Perhaps most importantly is the ending image of all the colours swirled together -- after all, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO ALL BE TOGETHER! Thank you, Allison McWood and Patrick Staheli for your contribution to the swirling of the world of colour!"
-- John Maguire, Executive Director
The E.R.A.C.E. Foundation  (Eliminating Racism and Creating Equality)

"I liked when they all mixed together - - it was cool! It helped me know that different coloured people should be friends because the smart man (that might have been Martin Luther King, Jr.) saw the coloured guys fighting and wanted to make them get along with each other."
-- Jesse, Age 8

"I liked when they drew the colours because some of them are my favourite colours. It helped me to know how to get along with my friends."
-- Isaac, Age 6

"I liked the slimy part when they all tangled around in a circle when somebody cried."
-- Jacob, Age 3