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Hell: The Musical Comedy

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Feature Interview with Allison on CBC Radio (July 2006)

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Recent Productions:

Because I Can

Allison's comedy Because I Can was presented at the 2009 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival, featuring a cast of veteran Second City performers.

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Welcome To Eden, Population: 2

July, 2006

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Songs: Click on title to Listen:

I Love her, But She's Giving Me An Ulcer (MP3 3.5MB)

Fallen Angel (MP3 3.6MB)

Maybe Not Eden (MP3 4.7MB)

Good-Bye, Legs (MP3 6.9MB)

Songs Performed by: Julie Martell, Mark Allan, Robert Laughton, Eddie Glenn, Rene Strasfeld and Mark Selby

Buy Scribble Guys

A children's story about racism

Written by: Allison McWood

This book was endorsed by the E.R.A.C.E. Foundation and featured at the 2005 Martin Luther King Day celebration in Franklin, Tennessee.